VillageFest 2022 is Now Open

The Greatest Global Gathering of Christmas Village Collectors

Welcome to VillageFest

A Global Gathering to Celebrate Fans of Villaging

Here's a chance to experience the escape that villaging can offer us,

to "Remember When" or to discover interesting things for the first time.


A special thanks to all those who share our vision.

(You'll see them throughout the Gathering)


We encourage you to take the time to explore it all,

it's free for everyone, plus, it's open 24 hours a day for two weeks.

So . . . Let's Stroll (or should we say "Scroll") down to the

"Dickens Convention Center" for some villaging fun. After all . . .

"Christmas Memories Begin Here"

Bill & Kathy Channell

                   The Village Collector






Welcome to the 

"Dickens Convention Center" Lobby

"The World Meets Here"

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